Buy Handmade

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I’m NOT talking about buying handmade products from big corporations who have mass-produced them using thousands of low-cost labours in China, Vietnam or Myanmar.

I’m talking about buying good quality, handcrafted products from skilled artists who have created the handmade pieces with love, care, passion and attention to details.

There is a HUGE difference.

Back in my home country, the fashion accessories market is flooded with lots of handmade products. Most of them are imported from these developing country. You can buy 3 earrings at the price of RM10 (approx US$ 2.85). You wonder how we who handcraft our products are going to compete with these markets? Well, don’t! and please don’t intend to! You’ll kill yourself for doing it!

Price is not always the only consideration for a consumer to buy. We as skilled artists have paid the price and have got the experience to create things with higher quality materials, with higher quality workmanship, and all handmade products that we have created comes with an ingredient called passion that the consumers can’t get from the normal market. These are the factors that the people who value handmade products appreciate, in my humble opinion.

I always believe that the consumer market is huge enough for different markets to survive. There will be people who are only willing to pay US$ 2.85 for 3 earrings, and there will be people who are willing to pay US$ 50 for a piece of good quality necklace.

What do you think?