SPOTLIGHT: MAugustaWoodland

Name: M. Augusta Woodland
Etsy shop name: MAugustaWoodland
Blog: same as above


1. What kind of materials do you use in your creations?
Precious, semi-precious, pearls, sterling silver, and anything I can get my hands on that works for a specific piece!

2. How did you get into this form of art?
I’ve always made jewelry. Someone the other day reminded me of my poly-clay bead and hemp days, and I nearly laughed until I cried. I’ve just gone wherever the journey has taken me, and I’m pleased by all that I’ve seen and done so far.

3. What inspires you? Do you have a plan before you make a piece, or do the
materials “speak” to you?

What doesn’t inspire me is probably a better question. Right now I’m really fascinated with cabinets of curiosities, architectural details, and Edwardian tea dresses. Materials tend to “speak” to me, but after they do that I have to lay down the groundwork of what I’ll be making. It gets too expensive for my perfectionist self to just play around willy-nilly.

4. Do you have a certain design style?
I think I have a style all my own. Right now I’m trying hard to focus in on marrying metalwork and beading in equal parts. I can’t lump myself in with anything personally, though. I’m a little bit gothic, a little bit romantic, and a little bit rock and roll.

5. What is your favorite technique?
Beading-wise I’d say I like wire-wrapping and making thick clusters the most. Metal-wise it’s filigree all the way! I can’t really pick one over the other.

6. Other than Etsy, where could someone find your creations?
Etsy is really the only place online you can find my work right now. I’m in the middle of working on wholesale deals and getting into some galleries locally.

7. What is your favorite part of being a member of EtsyBEAD?
I love the friends I’ve made, the weekly chat, and I really, really love being a mentor!