Article: The Basic Beliefs of Crystal Healing

Written by Leslie Prather, a.k.a. Mama Trep of Mama Trep’s Designs, and originally posted on her blog at . Used with permission.


This is the first in a series of articles about the healing and metaphysical properties about stones. I am, by no means, an expert on this, but have increasingly found myself interested in all the rocks and gems and natural elements that I have collected throughout my lifetime. I have done some online research about gems and healing properties. I currently am studying to become a Crystal Healer, and recently have become interested in Reiki. I just want to take some time to share some of what interests me, and perhaps open up a world of possibilities to those that might not have any inclination or clue to what might be out there to add to and improve life as we know it.

crystalblog5.jpgEnergy healing, which encompasses all kinds of modalities, crystal healing included, has been used for thousands of years, if not more. The Eastern traditions of yoga and Tai Chi, and the Hindu and Buddhist religions, all make reference to energy healing. Theories abound about Atlantis, (do you remember Edgar Cayce’s accounts?) where crystals were used for everything from meditation, healing, generators, transferring energy and weather control. Historically, Native Americans, especially Cherokee, have used gemstones and crystals in their everyday life for guidance and decoration, placing crystals around the home, wearing them under clothing, decorating their ceremonial garb, consulting them for what needs to be done with the day.

The basic tenet here is that all things on earth, and in the universe, possess energy of some form, a life force, or prana. The idea of energy medicine and energy healing is that the human body is made up of energy fields and pathways, which help maintain health through balance. If energy is out of balance or blocked, then illness occurs. There are frameworks and systems to understand and deal with this energy around and through us, in particular, Reiki, auras, and the Chakras. Literature and online research can produce all kinds of information about these subjects.

crystalblog3.jpgOne wonderful online resource for information about Reiki and energy systems describes how auras, which are energy fields surrounding the entire physical world, connect with the chakras on the human body, providing energy to the chakras. The chakras are considered the energy processors for the body. The body has seven main chakras, with each chakra providing energy to one particular gland in the human body. Each gland then controls specific organs. The chakras also influence specific emotional and psychological functions or aspects of the person. Blocks in the aura, the chakras or the pathways (called nadis) have direct effects on mental, spiritual and physical health. Color therapy, crystal therapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, music therapy, light therapy, aura cleansing, massage therapy—all of these current-day modalities use this basic tenet of balance/imbalance of energy in the body for healing and health.

How can crystals and gemstones be used? Crystals and stones can be used to aid in blocks with the auras, chakras and the nadis to balance these energy fields and meridians. In basic terms, each chakra has a corresponding color, and the colors of the crystals and gemstones can be matched to the color of a specific chakra to help achieve balance and promote healing. As an example, my husband, who has heart disease, carries a smooth, tumbled, green aventurine stone in his pocket. The Heart Chakra, which is green, controls the thymus gland, which regulates the heart, circulation and lower lungs. During a particular health incident, he went into congestive heart failure and went to the emergency room for treatment. Upon returning home that day, he discovered that his tumbled green aventurine stone had cracked on one side, and a chip had come out of the other side. He believes that the stone took the negative energy away enough so that he did not have a heart attack.

crystalblog1.jpgCrystals and gemstones may be held in the hands, carried on our persons as jewelry or adornment, placed in a pouch, amulet or pocket. They can be used with Reiki healing, with meditation, with massage, with any formalized spiritual or religious ceremony, for any religion, or with no religious intent at all. Crystals can also be used in the environment around us, where we live, to alter the energy of our homes, for instance. There are many ways that crystals and gemstones can be used, but the important thing to know is that there is no right or wrong way to use them!

How do you know which crystal or gemstone to use? As above, you can match the colors to the Chakras, depending on your research about which Chakra controls what. Many sources say that instead of you picking the crystal or gemstone, it picks you. You may be wandering through a bead store to find components for a project and some amethyst bear charms catch your eye. You’ve just been picked! What seems like a random process may be energy forces at work around you, trying to balance things out. There are many books and online resources to help you discover different ways of choosing and using crystals and gemstones. has a webpage called “How to Use Native American Crystal Healing” which describes the importance of prayer, meditation and exercise to develop focus and strength, which helps in “communicating” with and choosing the right crystals. Again, doing your own research on this subject will help you discover the best way for you.

crystalblog4.jpgEach crystal or gem has its own vibrational force and energy quality. Again, meditation is important for coming in tune with the energies around us and within us. Including crystals and gemstones with our meditation, we can get to know the crystal or gemstone at hand. With this subjective knowledge about a particular crystal, and the knowledge from thousands of years before us, certain patterns have become clear. The metaphysical properties of each particular set of crystals have become somewhat predictable. Using research to discover these properties and patterns can also help you in choosing the right crystal for yourself or someone else.

So, I hope I have given you here a very, general overview about the theories and history behind the use of crystals and gemstones for their healing powers. In my spiritual searching, I have come across many things that I have dismissed for one reason or another. I personally keep coming back to gemstones and crystals. It is one of the reasons for my fascination with beads and jewelry-making.

In my next article I will talk about the different ways to cleanse and purify crystals, because they can pick up and store negative energies. I also will start with a discussion of the metaphysical properties of garnet, January’s birthstone.

Mama Trep

Copyright 2008  by Leslie Prather. Used with permission.