Article: The Beauty of Brass

Lorelei Eurto recently joined etsyBEAD this past fall, but she has had for almost a year. She mostly works with semi-precious gemstones, glass, and metal beads. She also uses a lot of brass, and brass chain in her pieces. This article is about how she found value and beauty in the metal.


lorelei-brass.jpgI started using brass in my jewelry when I saw an ad in Stringing Magazine for Vintaj Brass Company. I was immediately attracted to the intricate details, the “vintage” feeling that the finished pieces of jewelry portrayed, and mostly the chocolate brown color that seemed to go with any color bead. There are many variations of color in brass. Brass can have a bright gold-like appearance, and adding a patina process to give it the brown, aged color can also age it.

Another attractive point to using brass is the fact that it’s much more affordable than silver and gold.  Brass adds a “modern” twist to vintage jewelry. By pairing the brass with crystals, you get a dressier piece of jewelry. You also can add a little asymmetry to it, and it has a more modern, and casual feel.

I very rarely make brass jewelry that doesn’t contain some sort of glass, or gemstone, mostly because it helps to add color and visual interest.

Lorelei Eurto