Tutorial- Wrapping An Undrilled Stone by Corinne Portalatin


This is Part 2 in this tutorial (Interested in Part 1? Click here). In the last tutorial I demonstrated how to wire wrap a bead link, which is the alternating beads in the bracelet that you will soon be able to make.


Tools needed to wrap this stone are the same tools as in Part 1.
Round nose pliers
Duck bill pliers
Side cutter pliers
A piece of sea glass or any other stone bead.
20 inches of 20 gauges wire (I used green artistic brand copper colored wire)
Practice with inexpensive wire until you are able to wrap the stone.


In step 1
You will need to make a loop about 1″ from the end and wrap your loop about 4 wraps are fine.


In step 2
You will need to measure the length of your stone and mark your wire at the point.
Shown in the above photo is where I made my mark on my wire for my loop.


Make another loop allowing enough room for your wraps and also the additional wraps that you will be making around your focal bead.
Your bead should now look like the one in the photo above with both of the wrapped loops. Notice the allowed space for the additional wraps I will be making.


 In the next step you will wrap the wire back to the other loop. Make 1 wrap under the wraps that is already there.


The next steps are to continue wrapping the wire back and forth each time making 1 loop around your wire, by letting the wire and the shape of glass dictate how you would like the wrap to look.


I am happy with the amount of wraps over the glass. Next step is to trim your wire and flatten smoothly against your wrapped loop. Make sure that both of your loops are round and that they both are at the same angle. Notice in the photo below at my wrapped loops.


Shown below is the other side of the piece of glass

This is the second tutorial on wire wrapping, written by : Corinne Portalatin 
 She creates beautiful hand-wrapped artisan jewelry, and you can find more of her unique and creative pieces in her Etsy shop:
Thanks again Cori for sharing this with us …

Tutorial: Wire Wrapped Bead Connector

Originally submitted by Corinne of CCDesign

I thought I would make a series of tutorials for those beaders who needed some lessons on wire-wrapping. The first in this series would be on how to wire-wrap a loop bead connector. A bead connector is used in bracelets, necklaces and anklets to connect other beads, jumprings, wire links and other jewelry components.

I have taken pictures for each example in these easy to follow steps.

Step 1. Cut a piece of wire 4″ long. Bend your wire at a 90 degree angle at 1 1/4″.


Step 2. Using your round nose pliers, position your pliers at the bend and turn your wrist to form a loop.


Step 3. This step requires using both hands and 2 pair of pliers. Using your duck bill pliers, position your pliers over the loop you just made. With your needle nose pliers, grip the tail end of your wire, making sure your loop is round and your wire is at a 90 angle. Now start wrapping your wire at least 3 wraps, making sure each wrap is tight against the last wrap and that you maintain your wire at a 90 angle to keep your wire straight and even.


Step 4. Add your beads and leave about 1/4 of wire. Your space needs to be long enough to make 3 wraps between the beads and the loop, but more more than. Bend your wire 90 degrees and wrap the wire the same way as you did in step 3.


Step 5. Cut your wire tails as close as possible to the wraps and using your needle nose pliers smooth your wire ends against the wraps.