Here is a list of our current members, alphabetical by their Etsy ID.  If you are a member and are not on this list, please email and you will be added as soon as possible.

[last updated 3/23/08] 

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  1. Ivonnardona’s Creations

  2. I am member of etsyBEAD and would love to be member of etsy bead street team also. Can I ?!
    Sunny regards

  3. Hi All,
    i am a new member of Etsy-beads and have begun perusing all the things available through the group and have noticed I am not yet listed as a member. Just wondering if this takes some time – maybe a few days or so. I just became a member this weekend. I was just wondering!!

  4. I as accepted as a member of Etsybead some months ago but I am not listed and I can’t reply to group emails. Can you advise please?

  5. I am going through the membership list and comparing the list here to see who is missing. Check back in a few days and see if it has been updated to include your store.

  6. Hi,

    This is my second shop–I opted to drive myself even crazier, thinking I could appeal to a different pricepoint market. Thanks for listing in the group roster!!

    Love everyone’s ingenuity with the sale themes.


  7. Hi everyone,
    My name is Cara and my shop is gisg02. For some reason I am still not showing up on the members list but did receive an email comfirming I was accepted onto the team about a month ago. Any ideas? I have done one treasury geared toward our team but haven’t seen anything else floating around. Are there any promotions coming up?

  8. Hello Team,
    Im a new member and was hoping to be added to the list 🙂

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