introducing the NEW etsyBEAD logo!


We recently held a contest and voted anonymously on a new etsyBEAD logo, blog banner and avatar.  The winning submission was created by etsyBEAD’s co-leader, Debbie Bruce of It’s A Bead-iful World!!!  We are already using the new blog banner, and our team members are free to use the above avatar on any or all of their etsyBEAD etsy listings!  Be on the look out for this very chic avatar, you never know where it’s going to show up!

Sunday Winners!


First person to find the all the right images:

Jen (twobsmith)


Random person who got them all right:

Libby (callyria)



Winners- Please email (or convo) your addresses to me, and as soon as we have all the prizes in one place, you’ll get them.


There are two winners each day- one is the person who gets all the right shops first, and the second is randomly chosen out of all the people who got them right. If you’ve won, you’re unfortunately not eligible to win again; we need to give everyone else a chance, too!


Sneak peek at the prizes:


(click to see the image larger)