Name: Brandi
Etsy shop name: My finished jewelry shop: CatiesBlue (, My destash and supply shop: CBStash (
Blog:, but I’ve been really bad about updating it lately
Location: Dallas/Ft., Texas, USA
1. What kind of materials do you use in your creations?
I use sterling silver, fine silver, gemstones, and occasionally Czech glass. My newest obsession is artisan lampwork, borosilicate (boros) beads specifically. I’m having a grand ol’ time collecting those!! They are soo pretty.
2. How did you get into this form of art?
I feel like I was supposed to be a jewelry designer, it just wasn’t the time before now. I remember getting a jewelry kit from my grandma, the kind with gemstone chips. I don’t remember how old I was, but I do remember that I loved playing with the stones. Jump ahead to college, where I got to take a jewelry/metalsmithing class. I wasn’t the world’s best metalsmith, but I still liked the beads. Jump ahead a few more years, when I was a representative for a jewelry company. I stumbled into a bead store by accident, and four days later, I was taking any class I could. The rest is history, but if you’re wondering what I was doing between the jumps, I was painting.
3. What inspires you? Do you have a plan before you make a piece, or do the materials “speak” to you?
I have a general idea, but most of the time, I’ll adjust that idea if the materials are speaking to me. I approach jewelry in the same manner I approach a painting. Basic idea of where things will go, but once I start, I may like the way a particular brushstroke looks and just paint around it, rather than over it. It’s a pretty organic way of doing things, but it works well for me. I appreciate the creative process just as much as the end result, so I’m open to any changes that may happen as I work.
4. Do you have a certain design style?

I’d have to say that my style is probably more contemporary than anything else. I still love gemstones, and I love boros. I have my own color language, and style language, so I’m just trying to stay true to that.
5. What is your favorite technique?
Clusters. Hands down, I just love the way they look.
6. Other than Etsy, where could someone find your creations?
To purchase? The occasional home party, and that’s about it right now. I’m exploring other opportunities, but my Etsy shop is the only place to buy my work right now. As far as being visible online, I have several profiles – Flickr (, TalentDatabase, and Indiepublic, just to name a few. To find out more, visit my website at
7. What is your favorite part of being a member of EtsyBEAD?
The people. etsyBEAD members are so friendly and helpful, and that makes it so easy to be a member. It’s nice to know that I have a place to go when I’ve got questions. There are certain things only other jewelry designers and fellow Etsy sellers can help with.



6 Responses

  1. Wonderful interview! Not only does Brandi make beautiful jewelry, but she’s a really sweet person with a big heart! I am loving all the new pieces with the stunning boro’s!

  2. Great interview!
    I just LOVE those bottom 2 earrings!
    Keep up the great work!


  3. Gorgeous Jewellery – fantastic interview.

    Well done to both of you.


  4. Gorgeous! Beautiful, fun earrings!

  5. i just love your pieces. was surprised not to find you on the behance network? but enjoyed seeing the work on etsy!

  6. Sen·su·ous – [sen-shoo-uhs]
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Definition: Relating to, suggestive of, or appealing to sense gratification.
    Synonyms: epicurean, sensual, sensualistic, voluptuous, Catie’sBlue


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