Team Sale: Hunt for One’s Desire

written by Meri Greenleaf of 

Hunt for One’s Desire

The etsyBEAD street team will be having a Valentine Themed Scavenger Hunt on February 3rd, 4th, and 5th! There will a different scavenger hunt held each day and players will be required to find specific Valentine’s themed images hidden within participating etsyBEAD shops. Watch out, though! Some shops will have decoy images which will not count. The first hunter to find all the correct images for each day will be awarded a Valentine prize pack.


Hunters who would like to participate in the event:

Anyone is eligible to take part in the hunt, as long as they are not a member of etsyBEAD. On each morning of the hunt, the image of the day will be linked to in the Etsy promotional thread (and possibly on the blog, as well) so that you will know what to look for, and you will be given a list of shops to search in that day. The image will be in a random 10 shops from the list (and the shops will change each day) and the image will be somewhere in one of the listings on the front page of each shop. The images also switch each day, so the previous day’s image won’t count!

When you think you’ve found all 10 images, email Meri at with a list of each listing the images are in (just copy the address and paste it into an email). The first person to get all the correct listings will win that day’s prize pack!

The event will start at 10am Eastern (Etsy time) and run until 11pm. Winners will be announced the next day.

If you have any questions, convo the event leaders MeriGreenleaf and Mamadivine on Etsy.

Members of etsyBEAD:

Please see the members only blog at to find out which day and image you will be hosting, as well as information on the event. If you have any questions, please email or convo Meri.

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