Hunting for Hearts!

The etsyBEAD street team will be having a Valentine Themed Scavenger Hunt on February 3rd, 4th, and 5th! There will a different scavenger hunt held each day and players will be required to find specific Valentine’s themed images hidden within participating etsyBEAD shops. Watch out, though! Some shops will have decoy images which will not count. The first hunter to find all the correct images for each day will be awarded a Valentine prize pack.

Members of etsyBEAD:

For the members who would like to participate in the event, let us know if you’re available to place an image in your shop on Sunday 3rd, Monday 4th, and Tuesday 5th; if you can only do one or two of the days, that’s fine, too! There will be a different image to place in your shop each day- either the day’s specific Valentine’s themed image or the decoy image. You’ll just have to save the image to your computer and upload it as the fifth picture to a listing somewhere on the first page of your shop. Images will be made available for viewing (in the Google group) as the event gets closer.

If you’d like to help with this event, and haven’t already replied to the group thread/email, email Meri at You can also convo the event coordinators via Etsy to merigreenleaf and mamadivine with any additional questions.

We’re also looking for donations for the prizes. If you have something you would like to donate as a prize, convo Betsy (ZestyB on Etsy) with a description of the item, and she’ll get back to you with her address so you can mail it to her. She’ll be sending out the prize packs to the winners.

Finally, many members voiced an interest in running a sale in their shops along with the event. If you’re interested in this, send an email or convo to the event leaders (Merigreenleaf and Mamadivine on Etsy) so we can make up a list to put on the team blog during the event.

Hunters who would like to participate in the event:

Anyone is eligible to take part in the hunt, as long as they are not a member of etsyBEAD. On each day of the event, you’ll be given an image to look for in each of the participating shops. Once you think you’ve found all the correct images, email Meri at with the shop names and links to the listings that have the image in it. The first person each day to get all the correct shops and listings will win that day’s prize pack.

More information will be available about the event in this blog before the event takes place, and in the etsyBEAD promo thread February 3rd, 4th and 5th. If you have any questions, convo the event coordinators merigreenleaf and mamadivine on Etsy.


2 Responses

  1. The Prize packages are shaping up quite nicely. Photos of items are forthcoming!

  2. I can’t wait for this event! It’s so exciting to see this team come together for something this big!
    And it is true, right? that NO PURCHASE is required to participate and win prizes, although a lot of the etsyBEAD team members are having sales and promotions (maybe free shipping?) during the hunt, in time for Valentine’s Day shipping?
    If I were not an etsyBEAD member, I’d be searching! lol

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